Thursday, July 13, 2017

NCR Fanapart Padding Adhesive

Buy our NCR Fanapart Padding Adhesive, and receive a Free Brush with every glue that you purchase.

Follow our easy instructions to the NCR Sets.

 32 FL oz. - 8 FL oz. bottle will pad approx. 10,000 Sheets of Carbonless paper.

 8 FL oz. - 32 FL oz. bottle will pad approx. 50,000 Sheets of Carbonless paper.

Fanapart padding adhesive allows carbonless sheets, in the correct order, to mechanically form into sets NCR.
Padding Instructions:
1) Jog stack of paper by hand or machine. (Sheets must smoothly align along the edge to be padded.)
2) Place weight on board to bring sheets into contact with each other.
3) With a fully loaded brush, apply adhesive to the entire edge to be padded.
4) Repeat strokes in same area to ensure 1⁄8” adhesive penetration into the stack. (Do not apply a second coat.)
5) Let stand for 30 to 60 minutes before packaging.
6) When dry, fan forms to separate sets.

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