Tuesday, October 29, 2019

4-Up W-2 Forms with "Instructions on Back"

Quality Forms 4-Up W-2 Forms with Instructions on the back is one of our most Popular format in Tax Forms and is ideal for reporting wages paid. These forms Meets all government and IRS filing requirements. Simply order according to the number of employees.

·        Pack of 100 W-2 / 1099-R Tax Forms 4-Up with Back instructions
·        Use to Report: Wages, tips and other compensation.
·        Tax forms per sheet: One filing per sheet.
·        Quality Paper: Government approved 24# bond paper.
·        Type of Form: Forms have one vertical center perforation and one horizontal center cross-perforation.
·        Printer Compatibility: Compatible with all kind of Laser, Ink-jet and Copy Machines
·        Made in the USA By Next Day Labels   
·        Paper Filing Due Date: To IRS, Last Day of February / To Recipient January 31st.

Ordering the 4-Up W-2 Forms and not sure which envelopes to get? Here at Quality Forms we pride with our excellent service we have customer service always available to help you out so you could be sure that your ordering the correct item and getting the best price for it. For this W-2 Form our specialist recommend ordering the 2019 4-Up Laser W-2 Double-Window Envelope Self-Seal.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

6 Up Perforated Colored Postcards on Letter Size Sheet

Sales and Marketing Usage
Store owners, entrepreneurs, and business leaders greatly benefit from those Card Stock.  Mailing seasonal offers, promotions, announcing the grand opening of a store or office, and advertising your personal business are all essential to improve relationships and prompt an increase in your profits. Ideal to keep handy at home and school since it serves multiple purposes at any place or at any given time.

Custom Creation
These postcards are custom-made for all types of businesses, announcements, and for all diversified cards such as monthly billing, special events, utility, yard sale, house for sale notices, promotions, gift cards, reminders and invitations.

Surprise your friends and family with the eye-catching postcards while you’re away on vacation. Create your own custom postcard portraying personal experiences or magical sights you’ve viewed along the way. The white coloring of the cards will result in emphasizing the boldness of the font and graphics. Personalize invitations to your acquaintances or customize reminders to individual employees.

Printer Friendly
The postcards have an ultra-soft smooth surface which enables you to print on it with ease! Time saved, and aggravation avoided without any concern about the jamming of the cards. It works well with both Laser and Inkjet printers.

Clean Separation, Micro Perforation
Those cards are micro perforated between each segment making it very easy and clean when separating. With one perforation on the vertical side and two on the horizontal, each pack totals to Twelve Hundred 4 ¼ x 3 1/6 crisp stock cards.

Rapidly Increase and improve your business operation with our postcards featuring micro perforation.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Assorted Color Happy Smiley Face Stickers

Just put on and bring upon smiles to all, when using the smiley label!

A package includes 500 Stickers, and each label measures one inch in diameter. One of the many advantages of these stickers are that it can easily be peeled off from the roll since it has a simple peel & stick application in which you peel the color-coding sticker, stick on where desired, and of course have the pleasure of seeing it stick firmly on its surface! In addition to that, the semi-gloss finish it has, makes it visible for one’s eyes, calling for attention. Great to be used for many purposes including rewarding, praising, and even encouraging children!

Setting Smiles
Bright, Bold, and Colorful! The happy face smiley stickers make the atmosphere both cheerful and wonderful!!

Righteous Reward System
Get started with one of the most valuable teaching tools which are the reward stickers for behavior charts! Make sure to keep those handy as it will greatly assist in reinforcing students’ behavior and will result in positivity. While the child will actually be able to see when his actions were considered good and when bad, it will help them understand in case either one of their actions needs to be changed. The best part of it is that the stickers can neatly be placed on the hands or cloths of the children without leaving any marks. Chart stickers also enable educators to monitor students’ behavior in a non-threatening, friendly manner making the project an exciting one! Preferably you can promote kids by providing them with reward prizes based on who has the most happy face stickers towards the end of the week.
Project Enhancement
Wish to bring smiles upon one’s face? No worries, it can be accomplished by simply adding the smiley stickers to every project you’re working on! Make use of it when marking tests, homework, and to indicate that someone did a job well done. Enhance gifts, card stocks or envelopes, and mark a date in your calendar when planning for future events so the date isn’t being overlooked. When categorizing books, use the labels in accordance to the variety of reading levels. In addition to that, identify when assignments are due with the bold coloring of the stick-on labels.

Cheerful Patient Checkup
When patients, especially children, enter the physician’s office, they yearn to be uplifted in some way. Raise their spirits by handing them a pop stick with a smiley sticker on top, they’ll be thrilled to be the recipient! Just try it to make the doctor’s visit experience a pleasurable one!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Metallic Foil Star Stickers

SIZE SELECTION - The Foil Labels are sold in one package including two sizes, one measuring 3/4” and the second one 1” from one edge to the other. Each size contains 225 labels totaling to 450 labels altogether. Practically perforated after every 10 labels making it easy to handle and convenient to work with.
PEEL & STICK APPLICATION - The labels were created with a simple peel & stick application having a self-permanent adhesive resulting in the color-coding stickers to remain where placed. Writing on the label with a marker allows you to further expand your usage options for identification, or initials.
MULTI-PURPOSE USE- While working on a project, utilize the gold foil stickers suitable for multiple purposes. Teachers motivating the students with behavior charts, clerks filing crucial documents, employers prioritizing tasks, or even artists crafting projects with a burst of tasteful color.
EYE ATTRACTION-NEON COLOR - Next Day Labels meticulously designed the metallic star foil labels to attract one’s eyes with its’ flaring background selection of colors. Educators, employers, or even students and children can greatly benefit when using the stickers to enhance their projects. With the option of using either of the two sizes, you can prioritize which task is of greater importance. Purchasing a package which includes a total of 450 labels with easy perforation enables you to be well prepared and fully equipped in times of need.
MADE IN THE USA - Next Day Labels Stickers will result in easy recognition and differentiation of several similar items. Made in the USA by Next Day Labels TM- 100% Guaranteed.

These Foil Labels are sold in one package including two sizes, one measuring 3/4” and the second one 1” from one edge to the other. Each size contains 225 labels totaling to 450 labels altogether. Practically perforated after every 10 labels making it easy to handle and convenient to work with.
Several times, a special event is overlooked due to a lack of proper date indication. However, marking your calendar with a star stick-on labels, will ensure that you none of such occasions are missed. Most importantly, stick it on where preferred, and rest assured that it will remain in place thanks to the creation of the self-permanent adhesive.

Customize these labels by writing your initials for the perfect finish and decent look, especially when handing over gifts to your loved ones. Stick to professionalism while grasping the feel of the durable high-quality crispy foil star labels sold in multiple colors. No matter what the purpose might be, Next Day Labels stickers proof to be the most recognizable upon a variation of items!

Blue Metallic Foil Star Stickers
Gold Metallic Foil Star Stickers
Green Metallic Foil Star Stickers

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Job Folder File Jackets

Business Matters Simplified by Using the Forms Diversified!
Looking for a durable and thick folder to hold your paperwork, then the Manila stock job folders is the answer. When dealing with multiple customers, business can start becoming out of hand. With these Manila File Folders, you’ll be able to keep accurate records of all previous and current orders. Considering the detailed report, you’ll have as future reference, you can be confident to continue being able to operate your business with ease.

Made from Superior Quality Paper, these folders are designed to store important papers related to the project. 

Keep detailed information about all your jobs at your fingertips. Pre Printed folders help track job progress, costs, and customer correspondence. Heavy-duty manila card stock.

·        Preprinted basic job form with plenty of space for descriptive comments and cost information
·        Holds letter-size papers or smaller
·        Details of the job along with the cost summary are printed on the front of the folders which make referencing very simple and filing even more easily. To get you all info on the job seen in just a glance.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Be Original by Fabricating All Sorts of Creations, with the Color Cover Card Stock!

Be original by fabricating all sorts of creations!
Summer is here! Fill your extra hours of sunlight by getting crafty with these Bright Color Card Stock. Let your creativity bloom while making these paper flowers! Learn how to cut, shape and assemble petals to create gorgeous flora in a variety shapes and sizes. 

Fold, Bend and Create Your Masterpiece at Any Size, As You Can Be Sure It Will Be Seen by All Eyes!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Membership Cards on Sheet of Paper - RealCard

Our RealCard® product is an awesome addition to our line of plastic membership cards. RealCard® answers all of your customer’s needs when it comes to a laser or ink jet compatible plastic card. RealCard® can be fed through the 8 1/2” or 11” feed path of the printer.
·        Insurance cards
·        Alumni cards
·        Membership cards
·        Union/Health plan I.D.
·        Security passes
·        Season passes
·        Frequent buyer cards
·        Check cashing cards
·        Hospital cards
·        Prescription cards
·        Discount cards
·        Student I.D. cards
·        Cost effective method assures print registration, card registration and color match
·        Material is heat, moisture and tear resistant
·        Provides excellent toner adhesion and durable printed image
·        100% of front and back of the card can be printed on and/or variably imaged
·        Stock imprinting - spot or 4cp
·        True plastic card
·        Durable plastic card
·        Proprietary one-step production
·        Removes easily from carrier sheet
·        Potential for shapes other than membership cards
·        Simplex and duplex laser printable
·        Lay flat construction
·        Heat, tear and moisture resistant
·        4 color process
·        4 stock formats available

·        Educational Institutions
·        Resorts
·        Insurance companies
·        Associations
·        Restaurants
·        Libraries
·        Hotels
·        Medical facilities
·        Sales promotions
·        Zoos
·        Museums
·        Pharmacy companies
·        Travel clubs
·        Banks/Credit unions
·        Manufacturers
·        Trade show groups