Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Eliminate the hassle of signing, folding, stuffing and sealing checks by hand!

Choose the Right Pressure Seal Forms for Your Application.  Ordering pressure seal forms can be a confusing, trial-by-error process. But it doesn’t have to be. There are just a few questions you need to resolve to figure out what pressure seal form to order:

·        What fold format do you need for your application?
·        What size forms does your pressure seal machine process?
·        Do you have a one sided or two sided printer?

What Fold Format Do You Need?

Checks: 8 ½” x 11” Z-fold is the most commonly used pressure seal form for check stock, and is available in a variety of colors and security features.

Tax Forms: If you are sending tax forms, you’ll want to choose either the 11” V-fold or the 14” uneven Z-fold

Promotions: These self-mailers most often utilize the 8 ½” x 11” Z, C-folds and V-folds, or the 8-1/2” x 14” Z-fold, uneven Z-fold or custom folds.

Custom: No worries. If you don’t find the fold and dimensions you need in existing stock, custom pressure seal forms is the solution. Discuss a custom Pressure Seal Form with one of our knowledgeable consultants. Need extra perfs or a specific design for your workflow requirements? What about incorporating your corporate brand or using full color front and back?  It can be done. You’ll be surprised at how easily your custom form needs can be met. Interested in learning more about what’s possible in pressure seal form customization? We thought you might be! Just click below to get in touch with Quality forms Custom Design team.

Form Dimensions

Different pressure seal machines have different printing capacities. Low-volume desktop models, for example, may not be able to process forms larger than 14”, while high-volume floor models can process forms up to 25” long.
Knowing the specs of your machine will save you a lot of time by letting you eliminate any form sizes that won’t work with your existing equipment.

Form Fold Types

Similarly, different pressure seal machines will have different folding abilities. Knowing the types of folds your machine is capable of processing is essential to the design and planning phase, too.

Simplex Printer

If you’re using simplex printing, your form options are slightly more limited than those with duplex printing capabilities. Still, there are dozens of choices and solutions to accommodate your needs. Here are some considerations for choosing a pressure seal form for a simplex printer:
In the popular 8 ½” x 11” Z-fold format, simplex printing means you will lose one panel to the address that will appear on the flap. If you need to add additional information to your form, consider using a C-fold format with a window.

Duplex Printer

The C-fold and V-fold are designed to be duplex printed so that you have the full face available for your messaging, whether it’s an invoice or statement, a newsletter, or a general information sheet. Here are some considerations for choosing a form for a duplex printer:
The non-window C-fold format will place your detail on the two panels above your check, allowing you to maximize the messaging real estate. If you need even more room, the 14” lengths in Z-folds and uneven Z-folds are common stock check forms with a good amount of useable space.

Finding the Right pressure seal form Will Grab Attention and will Bring you more Customers!

Regardless which form you choose, when marketing with mailers, any way to get customers to look twice and not throw the piece in the trash is a good thing.  The more interactive a piece, the more attention it gets.  It is worth a try if you have never marketed this way before.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


when you need to get a large number of invoices or other important documents delivered quickly, laser labels can help you to address envelopes in a flash.  Laser labels can be used for printing barcodes for keeping inventory of stock in a retail store, and adhesive labels can also be useful for office organization and more. There are laser labels for a wide variety of purposes, from mailing to bar-coding, packaging and more. There are many applications for adhesive labels, from organizing office folders to creating labels identifying products or fresh produce.

Laser printers produce considerable print while in operation, and it is thus necessary to use labels designed to cope with these high temperature levels. Labels which are designed for use with any standard laser printer can be ordered via label manufacturers, and you can find laser label products in matt as well as glossy variants online. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

7584 - BOL Form

This Vehicle Inspection Report was intended with plenty of area to record the pick-up and the delivery location, room to inspect 1 vehicle with their make, model, year, stock number and transportation costs. 

There is space for the driver and the shipper to sign off on the form showing that the transaction was completed.
If you like to order it with your company info printed Click here

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wafer Seals and Mailing Tabs

Self-Seal Window Envelopes for QuickBooks Checks

QuickBooks business envelopes are available in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and styles. Made specifically for QuickBooks checks and forms, these self-seal business envelopes with windows hide sensitive information and include built-in security tabs to identify tampering.

Save time and look professional with double window check envelopes featuring self-sealing adhesive. Built-in security tabs aid in identifying instances of envelope tampering. The dimensions allow QuickBooks Standard and Voucher checks to align perfectly inside the envelope.

Standard sized business envelopes don’t fit standard sized checks. Envelopes can be too large, potentially allowing sliding inside the envelope that can compromise security or partially obstruct information.

QuickBooks check envelopes are designed to improve security and work specifically with QuickBooks checks. Slightly smaller than standard #10 business envelopes, our check envelopes are 8 3⁄4” (w) x 3 9/16” (h) in order to fit more snugly and securely within the envelope, eliminating potential movement.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What is CMS 1500 Claim Form?

The increasing demand for healthcare and the increasing dependence on insurance for payment for services rendered has led to the creation of systems, which can ease the burden of the healthcare service provider. Increasing use of insurance by people means that the healthcare professional or provider has to maintain detailed information regarding the patient, his or her medical history, treatment and also the exact nature of the claim from the insurance company.

What is CMS 1500 Claim Form?

The CMS 1500 Claim Form is the standardized form used by non-institutional healthcare service providers who are seeking reimbursements from Medicare. It is pertinent to note that such healthcare providers are waived under the Administrative Simplification Compliance Act from being required to fill electronic claims. This form has been modified from the earlier version to include information regarding National Provider Identifier or NPI, which was not there in the earlier format.

These CMS 1500 claim forms are easily available at the US Government Printing Office, office supply stores and with local printing companies across the country. The CMS 1500 Claim forms are available in single part, multi part, laser, continuous feed, which make it easy for you to choose from, depending on the printer you have as well as your requirement.

Difference between CMS 1500 and HCFA 1500

Medicare forms have undergone tremendous changes over the years in order to ensure better efficiency and accuracy of information provided to the company. As mentioned above, most medical practitioners were using the HCFA 1500 claim form for many year. However, recently the government felt the need to change the existing form and create a new version; the CMS 1500 is projected to be superior of the earlier claim forms. Major changes included change in the language – either deleting or adding or modifying, and also change in the format of the boxes, including size, amongst other changes. The following changes can be called the major areas of change in the new CMS 1500 form:

Inclusion of NPI Number or National Provider Identifier Number is perhaps the most important change that has happened in this form. The new form helps record the NPI number separately in a different box, unlike its predecessor, where everything was together, which often caused confusion.

Removal of barcode from the header to allow space for noting the address of the payer

The tag line “please do not staple in this area” was removed. Now you can attach your supplements at the top center of the claims forms.

The field ‘type of service’ that was present in the earlier forms was removed in the new CMS 1500 as the companies felt that there was no need for such information. Instead the field is now called EMG.

In the new CMS 1500 form, you will no longer see the words ‘reserved for local use’ as the same has been removed.

The field ‘Tricare’ has been added above the field ‘Champus’ in the first box.

Lastly, the website address from where form fillers can obtain the NUCC instruction manual is added in the new CMS 1500, thereby making it easy.

These changes, though relatively small, are significant. Therefore, it is important that you take care of it while filling in your forms.

Tips on filling CMS 1500 Accurately
Accuracy and exactness of information are very important when filling Medicare claim forms. Moreover, it is important to ensure that all fields are duly filled, in order to ensure completeness of the form. Given the novelty of the CMS 1500 and the multiplicity of fields, filling such a form can be quite daunting, especially to someone who is new to the field. The following tips will help you fill your CMS 1500 both successfully as well as accurately:

Always use fonts like Pica or Arial for filling these forms, with font size anywhere between 10 and 12.

Fill the form in capital letters and always use black ink or black colored font.

Never use italics, or broken characters, stylized fonts, dot matrix fonts or red ink while filling CMS 1500 forms.

Ensure that the data you enter is in the middle of the box and does not touch the edges.

Use standard codes for various fields and never use any narrative text.

Remember that the size of the form you submit is 8½” x 11″. So, make sure that you tear off all perforations. Additionally, it is important that you ensure that all other attachments to the form are smaller than the size of the form.

Never use stickers or rubber stamps with your name and address on the form.

Don’t fill any special characters like hyphens, ditto marks, periods, dollar signs etc. on the form.

Ensure that you submit the form in original while keeping a photocopy for your reference. Any form not submitted in original will not be processed.

In addition to these formatting requirements, there are certain aspects of form filling, which must be considered if you want immediate and correct payment for your services. These include:

Ensure that all relevant fields are properly filled in the manner it should be filled.

Use appropriate codes to fill patient medical details. Details can be taken from the personal data of the patient that was collected during examination.

It is important to accurately enter fields like date of birth of patient, the health insurance number etc.

The names of both the insured as well as the patient should be entered correctly. Often it happens that the insured person is not the patient and in such cases, it is important to enter the name of the insured in the box earmarked for the same.

Section 11 of the CMS 1500 claim form is mandatory and must be filled as it determines whether the patient is covered under Medicare or not.

Lastly, ensure that the form is signed by the patient along with the date and once this is done, it can be submitted as per hospital rules and regulations.

Given the fact that many patients are covered under Medicare, it is important to ensure that each filing is given due care and time, in order to ensure accuracy of filing and immediacy of reimbursement. Following the simple tips given above will actually help in filing correct claims, which in turn will increase efficiency and ultimately increase profitability of the healthcare facility.