Thursday, December 14, 2017

NCR Books, Pads, Loose Paper and Continuous Paper

“The acronym NCR in the printing industry stands for No Carbon Required; this is a special type of paper that is the modern day replacement to the old fashioned and messy blue carbon paper that was used to make duplicates, usually found in invoice and order pads.
With NCR paper there is no mess at all, the back of the first sheet is coated with micro-encapsulated dye. The face of the second sheet is coated with a clay that quickly reacts with the dye to form a permanent mark. Any further sheets needed are coated with clay on top and dye on the bottom allowing for 2, 3, 4 or even more copies of the original sheet.
When the top copy is written on the pressure of the pen/pencil (or printer) makes the coating on the reverse of the top sheet react with the coating on the face of the bottom sheet, causing the micro-capsules to break and spill their dye, as the capsules are so small, the print obtained on subsequent sheets is very accurate.”
NCR paper is typically used in duplicate pads, where the user requires instant multiple copies of what is being written. For example; an invoice or receipt pad where the company keeps one copy and the customer receives the other. It is also widely used as agreement forms whereby the customer signs and agrees to Terms & Conditions or similar, again allowing the company and customer to both keep a signed copy.
NCP Paper can be printed on in single color, they could be personalized with your logo, contact details and any specific forms or layout that you may require. Personalized NCR printing to match your existing business stationery will maintain consistency across your brand and will portray a professional look to your customers. They also provide a great reminder of your business/services to your client/customer as a past invoice or receipt is where most people look when it is time to re-order something.
Books/Pads - NCR paper is typically supplied in pads which are glued to one edge allowing all copies to be removed. You may prefer them as books which are stapled, spine-taped and perforated allowing you to leave the copy in the book for safe storage.
Loose Paper - Loose sets are supplied either completely loose, usually because they need to be printed using an office printer or they can be glued into loose sets.
Continuous - Continuous forms are also available, although not used as often as they once were; they are supplied with detachable sprocket holes on either side and can be fed through a dot matrix printer.

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Integrated labels are laser printer compatible and can be used to simplify any shipping, receiving, and logistics documentation process. What previously required multiple sheets can be consolidated into one, which reduces your environmental impact and time spent printing separate forms. Integrated label forms serve as a way to merge information, instructions and labels all on one sheet. Your process will be streamlined and the chance for human error will be reduced with everything in one place.

Packing slips with address labels
·        Medical forms with pharmacy labels
·        Shipping labels with return address labels
·        Used by a wide range of industries
·        Ideal for packing, shipping, inventory, invoicing and production
·        30 stock options in 8.5″ x 11″ that come in a range of options. Variables include:
·        Placement of label
·        Perforations
·        Size of label
·        Label quantity
30 stock options in 8.5″ x 11″ that come in a range of options. Variables include:
·        Adhesive type
·        Continuous formats
·        Multi-part carbonless

·        Sheet size

We are here to work with you to develop an integrated form solution that meets your needs. Simply click here to get connected with one of our specialists today!
Custom options include:
·        Adhesive type
·        Continuous formats
·        Multi-part carbonless
·        Sheet size

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Form 1040-EZ

1. Form 1040-EZ
If your tax situation isn’t complicated, you might be able to take the “easy” route and file Form 1040-EZ. You need to meet all the requirements, such as being under 65 years old, single or married filing jointly, claiming no dependents, and with taxable income less than $100,000.  Other requirements apply if you want to use this simplified form.
2. Form 1040, U.S. Individual Tax Return
This is the basic IRS tax form most U.S. filers use for their annual tax return. You might have to use this form depending on your age, filing status and gross income. Even if you had no taxable income but are eligible for a tax refund or credit, this might be the correct form for you. While this form is more complicated than Form 1040EZ, it allows you to itemize deductions as well as claim numerous expenses and tax credits.
3. Schedule A to Form 1040, Itemized Deductions
You might hear people say that some personal expenses are “deductible” from your gross income to potentially lower the amount of taxes you have to pay. That statement is true. And if your total deductible personal expenses are greater than the standard deduction amount set by the IRS, you can itemize them using Schedule A.
The schedule has seven categories of expenses, including charitable donations, medical expenses, and mortgage interest. Strict rules apply for calculating and claiming these deductions, however. In some cases, you might not be able to deduct the full amounts.
You also don’t have to complete every line of the schedule. If you don’t have expenses in a certain category, simply skip over it. Once you’re finished, your total deduction amount is then added to Form 1040.
If you had over $1,500 in taxable interest or ordinary dividends from your bank accounts and investments, you might have to file Schedule B to report the amounts.
Additionally, if you have any foreign bank or investment accounts or receive distributions from certain foreign trusts, you must report that information on this schedule. Once completed, these totals also transfer over to Form 1040.
5. Form 1099-INT, Interest Income
You might receive a Form 1099-INT from banks or other financial institutions if they paid you a certain amount of interest on your deposits. In many cases, you’ll have to pay tax on the interest the form lists and report it on your tax return.
All amounts listed on the form need to be added to your return. Additionally, you must prepare a Schedule B with the name of each payer and the amount of interest received if the total taxable interest is over that $1,500 threshold.
6. Schedule C to Form 1040, Profit or Loss From Business (Sole Proprietorship)
If you are self-employed, you may need to file Schedule C to report the gross profit or loss from your business. Categories of expenses include costs like insurance, travel, meals and entertainment, taxes, office supplies, wages, and other business-related items.
7. Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income
Self-employed people generally receive this form from each client that paid them throughout the year. It reports the total earnings received, and you must report that income on your tax return. As a freelancer or independent contractor, this form replaces a Form W-2 you receive working for a traditional employer.
Form 1099-MISC is also a catch-all for other types of income, such as prizes, awards, and fishing boat proceeds.
8. Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
You don’t file Form W-4 with your annual tax return or send it to the IRS. Instead, you give it to your employer to instruct them on how much tax to withhold from your gross paycheck and remit to the taxing authorities. This form includes a worksheet to help you calculate the amount.
You file a new W-4 if you change employers. You can also file a new Form W-4 with your current employer if your circumstances change, for example, if you have a baby and want to claim an additional dependent.
9. Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement
People often confuse Form W-4 and Form W-2.  Your employer gives you Form W-2 at the end of the calendar year to show the total amount of tax they withheld from your paychecks.
Your employer also provides a copy of the Form W-2 to the IRS, Social Security Administration and some state taxing authorities. These taxing entities match up the amounts you claim as income with the amounts your employer reports they paid you. Because your employer sends this form to the IRS, you do not need to file it with your tax return.
The Bottom Line
No matter which forms you need to file, always make sure you use the correct tax year versions. For example, during the 2018 tax season, file your tax forms for the 2017 tax year. Also, keep in mind your personal situation may change, and you might need to file more or fewer forms each

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Print, Peel & Apply This DuplexPackSlip® Thermal Label

Our additional item the Duplex Thermal Shipping Labels is designed to replace the traditional shipping label and cumbersome “Packing List Enclosed” plastic pouch on outgoing parcel shipments.  The system is designed to dramatically increase profits and eliminate the human labor bottleneck in traditional shipping/manifesting systems.

DuplexPackSlip® thermal label is an all-in-one duplex shipping solution, which automatically combines a shipping/return label with a packing slip/invoice on the front and back sides of the same label. DuplexPackSlip® thermal label printing uses two thermal print heads to duplex print on a thermal-coated label.  Typically, you’d have to print a packing slip and shipping label, match them, fold and insert the packing slip into the pouch, and then apply the packing slip and shipping label. With the DuplexPackSlip®, you print the packing slip and shipping label simultaneously on one two-sided label. You then apply the label and ship it. It’s as easy as printing, peeling and pasting.

The shipping label has a 7/8” outer perimeter adhesive border around a 6” x 4” (or custom size) non-adhesive center section to print the outbound parcel shipping information. The packing list has 1/2” strips of adhesive on the left and right side with a non-adhesive center section that can easily be removed by pulling up in one motion. The recipient can easily remove the shipping label’s non-adhesive center section by pulling a die cut zipper from left to right. Once the shipping label is removed, the confidential Packing List is exposed.

This Label is great for Organizations/distributors that receive sealed cartons and ship out in the same sealed carton, Companies that have the packing slip on the outside of the box, Businesses that want to automate and simplify the shipping label packing list operation, Corporations that want to gain efficiencies by eliminating manual jobs with machines and Firms that want to eliminate the expensive and hard to handle plastic pouch for packing list. These are just to name a few of the industries that would want to use this label there are many other firms that would benefit from this invention.

Benefits of this item are that you could sequentially apply and verify both the Packing List and Carrier Shipping Labels on variable size and weight cartons. This label Eliminates labor and increases shipment accuracy and reduces paperwork and poly-bag packing list inserting costs. Improve your on-time shipment delivery - this a faster and more convenient way to ship your cartons. You could choose to put Packing lists can be put on every carton or on specific cartons only.Terms and conditions can be pre-printed (press-printed) on the back of the shipping label and packing list’s non-adhesive center section.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Convenient package with our W-2 and 1099-R 4-Up Version Forms and Envelopes

Are you geared up for tax time? Save yourself the hassle and get all your forms quickly and in one convenient package with our W-2 and 1099-R 4-Up Forms kit.
This income tax filing kit designed with the business owner in mind. With the IRS paper filing due date of Feb 28th, this comprehensive and convenient 1099 misc. form 2017 kit will put you in full compliance with Uncle Sam!
This 1099 kit is the most commonly used format for reporting miscellaneous payments and non-employee compensation. 
With this kit You get self-sealing envelopes. You can be sure you’ll be in compliance with government, 4-part state and IRS filing requirements.Order this form  package today for a quick and easy income tax filing solution for your business.
Quality Forms has been helping businesses fulfill their tax and business form needs for over 20 years. Our years of experience assures the accuracy of all specifications and IRS compliance. As a result, we’ve set the standards for excellence in service and product quality, and continue to lead the way. Each envelope features a preprinted Important Tax Return Document Enclosed message to help ensure delivery. The seams are v-shaped and flaps feature a gummed adhesion for added convenience. You can trust Quality Forms to provide the most comprehensive line of tax forms and supplies available. For trusted accuracy and compliance with all your tax form requirements, choose Quality Forms, the industry leader.

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Self Seal 4-Up W-2 Double-Window Envelope - 2017

This self-seal double-window envelope has been designed with size and window placements to be 100% compatible with the corresponding tax forms. Our high-quality Tax envelopes make envelope stuffing efficient and secure when mailing. 
With the option of Convenient self-seal closure, you can’t go wrong. Use this self-seal envelope with our W2 Form – Item # TF5205Just apply pressure and the envelope is sealed. The security tint and cellophane windows ensure the privacy of information.

Monday, November 6, 2017


Save time, money and costly errors by switching to a Form and Envelope Mailer.
Quality Forms has made doing business a bit easier with the addition of the Form-N-Envelope, a unique application that provides both a document and an envelope in one easy step.  This is ideal when it is necessary to create a document and the outgoing envelope in one printing. This could also be used to create a form with the return envelope attached; including remoistenable glue for sealing. Another great benefit is that it eliminates mismatching of the form and envelope.
The ability to design a form with an attached envelope can open sales opportunities in existing and new accounts. Additional features such as transfer tape, CB/CF coating and perforations may be added to the design. In addition, the Form-N-Envelope is laser compatible and is available as a custom imprinted product as well as blank stock. 
Types of applications for Form-N-Envelope are business correspondence w/return envelope (i.e. statements, collection letters, past due notices, direct mail sales, etc.), personal correspondence, time sheets, expense reports and payment vouchers, Doctors/medical centers for invoicing/outgoing, Financial institutions for deposit, Schools and nonprofit organizations for fund raisers, Time sheets etc.