Thursday, May 9, 2019

Membership Cards on Sheet of Paper - RealCard

Our RealCard® product is an awesome addition to our line of plastic membership cards. RealCard® answers all of your customer’s needs when it comes to a laser or ink jet compatible plastic card. RealCard® can be fed through the 8 1/2” or 11” feed path of the printer.
·        Insurance cards
·        Alumni cards
·        Membership cards
·        Union/Health plan I.D.
·        Security passes
·        Season passes
·        Frequent buyer cards
·        Check cashing cards
·        Hospital cards
·        Prescription cards
·        Discount cards
·        Student I.D. cards
·        Cost effective method assures print registration, card registration and color match
·        Material is heat, moisture and tear resistant
·        Provides excellent toner adhesion and durable printed image
·        100% of front and back of the card can be printed on and/or variably imaged
·        Stock imprinting - spot or 4cp
·        True plastic card
·        Durable plastic card
·        Proprietary one-step production
·        Removes easily from carrier sheet
·        Potential for shapes other than membership cards
·        Simplex and duplex laser printable
·        Lay flat construction
·        Heat, tear and moisture resistant
·        4 color process
·        4 stock formats available

·        Educational Institutions
·        Resorts
·        Insurance companies
·        Associations
·        Restaurants
·        Libraries
·        Hotels
·        Medical facilities
·        Sales promotions
·        Zoos
·        Museums
·        Pharmacy companies
·        Travel clubs
·        Banks/Credit unions
·        Manufacturers
·        Trade show groups

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


All in one, duplex printed, DUPLEX SHIPPING LABEL/PACKING LIST. This product is designed especially for mail order houses, distribution centers, e-commerce companies, and others who ship many single carton orders. This design is ideal for distribution centers who receive and re-ship merchandise in the same sealed carton, AS WELL AS those companies with a corporate mandate or desire for packing lists to be on the outside of each carton.

• One pass through the duplex printer generates the SHIPPING LABEL on the face stock and the PACKING LIST on the back of the liner. 100% guaranteed shipping label/packing list match – NO MIX UPS!
• With one application the DUPLEX SHIPPING LABEL/PACKING LIST is securely affixed to carton or package. Labor is the same as with a standard shipping label: remove liner and affix. HUGE LABOR SAVINGS for those requiring packing lists on the outside of the cartons.

 Duplex Shipping Label/Packing List
1. Information is generated in a Duplexing Laser Printer.
2. After items are picked and packed, the DUPLEX SHIPPING LABEL/PACKING LIST is applied to the carton.
3. Addressee receives package and follows instructions on the label to remove Packing Slip:
a. Tear from left to right on zipper style perforations designated by a Duplexing Laser printer.
b. Tear center section along two vertical perforations at the left and the right.
c. Tear across top perforation REMOVING CENTER RECTANGLE SECTION. The Confidential Packing List which is on the backside is now revealed.

• Generated in a laser printer with duplex capabilities
• Saves costly labor
• Eliminates costly plastic pouch

Thursday, May 2, 2019

2" Round, Gold Metallic Certificate Wafer Seals with Serrated Edge

Show Your Approval by Rewarding

Add a sparkling inflection to accomplishment certificates and rewards or seal envelopes with a touch of distinction with these Gold Labels. Each Label is made of Gold Metallic Glossy Paper, High Quality and Permanent strong self-adhesive materials with sharper text and print quality for versatile labelling needs. They measure 2" and comes on a roll of 250 labels.

These paper foil labels are apposite for numerous applications. Add the finishing touch with these stickers to your Awards, Boxes, Business Mailings, Certifications, Documents, Envelopes, Formal Letters, Holiday Cards, Letters, Packaging, Promotional Mailings, Reward Charts and Much More!

The Next Day Labels Gold Embossed Sealing Labels are great to add a touch to an envelope or professional document. Make your personalized embossed stamps, notary seals, corporate seals, book embossers and monogram embosser seals.

Make that exceptional reward by showing your recipients that their envelope has your seal of approval. Add a sophisticated and professional touch to all of your mailings. It’s a rewarding feeling when one gets an envelope sealed in a gold seal and knows that it was done by your very own hands.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


What is the significance of those labels rather than any other? It’s the fact that it draws attention with its flaring background neon color!!
These multipurpose colored labels could use for nearly everything that you could think of. Here are some of the main purposes of our neon labels.

Business Organization: These fluorescent inventory labels will greatly enhance your organization and productivity. It easily might serve multiple purposes by using it either for inventory categorization, indication of necessary reordering items, or product data such as stating special instructions. Furthermore, these labels can be applied to pallets, boxes and shelves or shipment stock rotation in order to be able to have a clear identification of your items.

Personal Practicality Purposes: Having those labels used for classroom organization, for instance seat arrangements etc. will positively promote proper decorum in class. Relatively, you can make use of the labels when assigning parking spots to residents in the garage. Want to have your closets neatly organized? This is the perfect way on how to do it! Just indicate on each label what the shelf contains so when trying to locate an item it should be easy to find and accessible. Planning on relocating to a different apartment? Prepare your move with ease! When packing your belongings into the boxes, clearly indicate on each box what’s inside so the moving process is not too much of a burden!

Message Usage: When willing to prioritize messages on mailings, the fluorescent labels are most ideal! In example, at times it’s necessary for you to rush the mailing. Hence it can be accomplished by simply pasting the label on the envelope. On the same note, utilizing the labels for warning messages will surely result in the needed. With its neon coloring and bold letterings, it will make the ones reading it get the message instantly!

Our Fluorescent Labels feature a bright-colored material with a standard permanent adhesive. They have a great printability on both laser and inkjet printers. Suggested to use with black ink only.

Shop our Fluorescent Yellow Labels

Are you looking for fluorescent labels but don’t find the specific color your looking for? No worries here at Quality Forms all you need to do is just give us a call and will do these custom color labels for you, at times, for no additional charge.

If you have any questions about printing labels with your laser or inkjet printers or your having any issues with our Next Day Labels Templates, feel free to contact us and it would be our pleasure helping you.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Buyers Guide Form, English Format - As Is - No Dealer Warranty / Dealer Warranty

The Federal Trade Commission Used Car Rule that states: “All buyers guides must be posted prominently and conspicuously on or in the vehicle”.

This 2 Part English Version of Auto BuyersGuide Form These Dealership Forms come with 2 Strips of Permanent Adhesive Tape on the Top & Bottom of the form, to make it easy to apply inside of the car window. Form includes two extra perforations to be able to tear it off when needed, just take of the strips of the liner from the tape and stick on the Car, Truck or SUV window.

The back of the form is printed with required info from the federal regulations.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

1.5" Circle Blank Color Stickers, Writable Surface – 500 Permanent Labels per Roll, on a 3" Core Fluorescent

These bright labels will have your Art Projects stand out, Signatures read, Inventory managed, Jars labeled correctly and all they will let you stay together and organized. There also great for Color Coding, Crafts, Education, Filing, Highlighting, Mark Specials, Nutritional Labels, Retail Labels, Rotate Inventory, Routing, Scheduling, To Seal Envelopes and many more.

Here at Quality Forms we carry  full line of 
Round Inventory Labels and Rectangle Inventory labels.

Round Laser Labels - 1.5"

Blank or Imprinted Round Laser Labels

They're perfect for Labeling:
Bottle labels, Canning labels, Classroom Labels, Color Coding, Organization Labels, Spice Jar Labels, Promotional, Priority Mailings, Invitations, Gifting, Branding and Merchandising.

These Labels are also used for:
Classroom Organization, Garage, Identification, Organizing Items, Product Packaging, Etc.

Add Neon Color to these Labels to instantly draw attention with its 
flaring background color.

Add Professionalism to all your Business Events!

Adding your business logo onto these 1.5" labels symbolizes the productivity of the business’s operations. Taking this opportunity to make a great impression towards your customers will lead to the road of success! You can design and print the labels all by yourself while using creativity and imagination. Next Day Labels Stickers are ideal to use for networking events, seminars, grand openings, and even open houses. Furthermore, it’s perfect to use for celebrations such as Holiday or company parties, picnics or sampling events.

Stay Organized and in Fashion!
Your shelves can be organized in an orderly fashion by utilizing these labels. While indicating on each jar what it contains you have converted the process of looking out for something (which is often difficult) into an easy and smooth one! Make the most out of these labels by placing it on containers, spice jars, baking pans etc. clearly stating what is in each item.

Add your personal touch to all of your projects!
When expressing your appreciation to your acquaintances by handing them a gift, it’s not as much appreciated as when you add a message to it! Sticking these labels onto the gift wrapping with a personal note such as “thank you, thinking of you, love you, or had you in mind” etc., that will surely be worth presenting!